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All-On-X Guided Surgery

The CHROME service was created to cater to dentists seeking a reliable and premeditated approach to guided All-On-X surgeries. This exceptional service offers secured bite verification, anchored bone reduction, anchored site drilling, precise anchored provisionalization, and a systematic way to transfer all surgical and restorative data for the final restorative conversion phase. Generally, only a CT scan and conventional records are necessary for most cases.
No more blind drilling

CHROME allows visualization of the drill as implants enter the bone

Preplanned Bone Reduction / Osteotomy Guidance / Abutment Placement / Prosthetics
No binding and bending of plastic

CHROME Fixation Base create utilizing SLM technology

No more lengthy conversions

CHROME conversion takes just minutes to perform

Complete Confidence

Digital workflow and guide expertise is delivered by us

The foundation for the surgery, the Fixation Base, is delivered to the bone via a tooth-supported, not bone-supported, guide. It is the foundation upon which all of the other guides connect.
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tooth delivered foundation

Materials and design offer a guide with a labial-only oral footprint, smaller than plastic guide systems. Only a minimal lingual flap is required during surgery.
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Labial Only

The metal Fixation Base floats off the the bone requiring zero lingual bone contouring. The metal Osteotomy Guide locks into the Fixation Base allowing for complete osteotomy visibility and irrigation helping ensure increased implant accuracy.
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Visibility Irrigation

The Osteotomy Guide is compatible with any implant system that uses a guided drill protocol.
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The metal alloy used for both guides (CoCr) is 20x stronger than surgical resin. It does not flex or break under pressure during surgery, resulting in accurate implant placement.
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Inherent Strength

Bone leveling is guided using the flat plane of the metal Fixation Base, ensuring exact planned bone reduction. Burs do not grind down guide material as in plastic systems.
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Bone Strength

Blue CHROME Locs act as the secure lock for the CHROME stackable components. Their manual release capabilities allow for easy transition across the stackable guides.
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Mechanical Lock

The Osteotomy Guide indicates implant indexing, ensuring precise implant rotation at each angled site.
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Implant Indexing

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Components of CHROME

Fixation Base

Osteotomy Guide

Carrier Guide

RAPID Appliance

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More than 40 labs work with CHROME, delivering 10,000+ arches per year.


CHROME is an exceptional product that enables dentists to provide an anchored guide system, preplanned bone reduction, and a stunning anchored prosthesis, all with a high degree of precision and efficiency.

Starting with CHROME is easy. Patients with teeth only need a CBCT, master casts, a bite, and some photos.

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